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2nd Street Restaurant & Tavern
140 Second Street
Williamsburg, VA

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Aberdeen Barn
1601 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for Aberdeen Barn

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
1640 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar

Beach House Grill Restaurant
220 Second Street
Williamsburg, VA

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Carmela's Basta Pasta
207 Bypass Road
Williamsburg, VA

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CB Wood Grill
6768 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Cities Grille
4511-C John Tyler Hwy
Williamsburg, VA

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Cracker Barrel
200 Bypass Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for Cracker Barrel

The Dining Room
at Ford's Colony

240 Ford's Colony Dr
Williamsburg, VA
(757) 258-4107

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Map Address for The Dining Room at Ford's Colony

Giuseppe's Italian Cafe
5601 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA
(757) 565-1977

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Map Address for Giuseppe's Italian Cafe

Green Leafe Cafe
765 Scotland St
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for Green Leafe Cafe

Haunted Dinner Theater
5363 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for Haunted  Dinner Theater

J.M. Randalls - House of The Blues
4854-16 Longhill Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for J.M. Randalls - House of The Blues

Mama Mia's Deli & Restaurant
521 Prince George Street
Williamsburg, VA
(757) 253-2225

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Map Address for Mama Mia's Deli & Restaurant

Outback Steakhouse
3026 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA
(757) 229-8648

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The Polo Club Restaurant & Tavern
Jamestown Rd.
Williamsburg, VA

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Map Address for The Polo Club Restaurant & Tavern

Red Lobster
2100 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Ruby Tuesday
1840 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA

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Seasons Restaurant
110 Henry St.
Williamsburg, VA

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The Trellis Restaurant
403 Duke of Gloucester St
Williamsburg, VA

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