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Applebee's Grill & Bar
5335 20th Street
Vero Beach, FL
(561) 978-0551

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Chili's Grill & Bar
940 US Hwy. 1
Vero Beach, FL

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Cracker Barrel
9380 19th Lane
Vero Beach, FL
(561) 563-0066

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Mr. Manatee's Casual Grille
30 Royal Palm Pointe
Vero Beach, FL

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Ocean Grill
1050 Sexton Plaza
Vero Beach, FL
(561) 231-5409

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Outback Steakhouse
1475 US Hwy. 1
Vero Beach, FL
(561) 567-5222

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The Patio Restaurant
US Highway 1 at 11th Ave
Vero Beach, FL

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Pizza Hut
Multiple Locations
Fort Pierce, FL

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Ruby Tuesday
1825 58th Street
Vero Beach, FL

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Tangos Restaurant
3001 Ocean Drive
Vero Beach, FL

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T.G.I. Friday's
6200 20th St.
Vero Beach, FL
(561) 770-3170

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